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ok before you read this i just want to say that there are some parts that some people may find sick and disturbing. there are to vore scenes and if you didn't notice this is an erotic story with sexual parts and stuff like that. it is not entirly like my first story. same idea but more sex scenes. if you are going to comment please DO NOT MAKE A BAD COMMENT BECAUSE I WORKED HARD ON THIS AND IF YOU DIDN"T LIKE IT THEN DONT READ IT AGAIN AND T+IF YOU FIND IT BAD WHIL READING IT THEN STOP READING IT. Enjoy

“I have you now Dr Eggman.” Tails had his new weapon in his hand aimed at Eggman. Tails slowly walked forward as he talked. “When I kill you everyone will think I’m the best and that I saved Mobius from anything you could have created.” Tails now stood in the centre of the room in the middle of a circle. Eggman reached into his pocket and pulled out a little remote and pressed a yellow button. Above Tails a glass container came down quickly and trapped him. “What the…” Tails said. He lifted his weapon and fired at the glass. The glass seemed to absorb the blast. Eggman moved his hands on the remote and pressed a green button. Right above tails a weird mechanism came out and shot out a white beam.

Tails watched as everything around him got bigger. When everything stopped getting bigger he realised that he had shrunk to an almost unseeable size to the naked eye. Tails started to yell at Eggman but he didn’t seem to notice. “Now to get rid of you you little fox boy.” Eggman pressed a purple button and the weird mechanism fired a grey beam. Everything started to fade and something else started to fade in. Tails was on something high up and there was what seemed like a photo frame on it. Tails walked up to it to see what it was. It was in fact a photo frame but the photo in it freaked Tails out. It was a photo of…

Cosmo and Tails. That’s what was in the photo. Tails took a better look around and realised he was in Cosmo’s room. He looked even closer to where he was standing and found himself standing on Cosmo’s dresser. Tails walked to the edge and looked over. In front of him was an open drawer and inside it was Cosmo’s underwear. Tails turned around quickly because it made him feel like a pervert. The door opened with a creak that scared Tails. He fell back and landed in the drawer. Tails found himself inside one of Cosmo’s underwear. The underwear he was in felt like it was being lifted. Tails was lifted up and down until he was placed on a bench after he heard a door close.

Tails looked out from underneath and saw Cosmo getting undressed to go in the shower. Tails couldn’t help himself but watch as she undressed and hopped in. He watched her for the next five minutes as she washed herself and hopped out. She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself. She went to the bench Tails was watching on and grabbed the underwear and opened it up. Tails slid back right in the middle and watched as Cosmo stuck her left foot through one of the two holes. She then stuck her right foot through the last hole and started to lift Tails. Tails ran towards one of her legs and jumped through the closing gap between her leg and underwear. Tails slid down her leg, over her foot and fly off the tip of her toes. Tails flew across the room and landed inside Cosmo’s shoe and slid down to the tip. When he got himself up, Tails looked out of the shoe and watch Cosmo walk up to it and stick her foot in.

Tails was stuck inside Cosmo’s shoe with her feet so close to him. He was afraid that if she felt him she might think he was a bug and try to squish him with her foot. He held on to whatever he could to hold himself from falling into her foot. After what seemed like hours, Cosmo finally stopped and her foot moved out of her shoe. Tails walked slowly towards the top of her shoe and look out. Cosmo was walking around looking around the floor. Tails couldn’t help but notice that her breasts seemed quite bigger than usual. (Bet you can’t guess what happens next) Tails hopped out of Cosmo’s shoe and yell. Cosmo didn’t notice and kept looking around. She started to walk towards Tails. Tails ran for cover under her bed as her foot stepped right where he was standing. Tails started to walk backwards and fell back as he bumped into something.

When he fell back he was sure he slid backwards on what ever he had bumped into. He stood up but still couldn’t tell what it was because it was so dark under Cosmo’s bed. The cover around the bed lifted and Tails saw Cosmo looking underneath. She stopped looking around when she saw Tails. Tails thought that she had seen him but when she reached her hand underneath, she grabbed onto what Tails was standing on and pulled it out. She lifted it up and placed it on her bed. Cosmo then grabbed the bottom of her top and pull it off. Tails saw that she had nothing else on underneath. (And when I say nothing I mean nothing) Tails looked where he was standing now that there was light and saw he was standing on a giant bra.

Cosmo picked up the bra and start to put it on. Tails ran to the sides but kept slipping. As the bra bent forwards, Tails ran forwards with it to try and jump out between Cosmo and her bra. He jumped out head first but Tails wasn’t quick enough. He stopped in mid-air. He opened his eyes and look around. He wasn’t squished inside Cosmo’s bra. He was out of it but everything was upside down. Tails looked up and saw the floor was far below. He then looked down and saw Cosmo’s breast was right there under him. He looked at what was wrong and saw that his tails had got stuck in between Cosmo’s bra and breast.

Tail looked forward and saw Cosmo reach down and pick up her top and slide it back on. Tails was in darkness again. Tails started to pull his tails out to free himself. He pulled really hard and yanked his tails out. He grabbed onto the bra to stop himself falling to his likely death. Tails climbed up and reached the top of Cosmo’s bra and keep climbing to the top of her dress and pull himself up and sit on the edge. Tails looked around and saw that in front of him and Cosmo was soup. Cosmo leaned forward to smell the soup she had just prepared. Tails didn’t have time to prepare himself for this and fell forward into the soup.

Tails burst to the surface breathing for air as he swam to a giant piece of potato. He grabbed on and looked up just as Cosmo dipped her spoon into the soup. Tails watched as the spoon dived underneath him and come back up behind him. Tails was just about to start swimming for the side of the bowl and get out but he was lifted into the air. He looked up and saw Cosmo looking straight as she lifted Tails to her lips. Tails was surrounded by so many vegetables that he couldn’t got off the spoon. Cosmo lifted Tails up and opened her mouth “WAIT!” Tails yelled but Cosmo couldn’t hear his tiny voice. She stuck the spoon inside her mouth and pulled it out as Tails got pushed off inside her mouth by her lips.

Tails ran around inside her mouth to try and avoid being crushed by her teeth. After a few seconds, her tongue pushed everything including Tails back as she swallowed. Tails slid down her throat and landed in her stomach. Tails swam to the surface again inside Cosmo’s stomach. It was half full of soup and crushed vegetables. Tails saw a piece of potato that had not been crushed. He started to swim to it so he can use it like a raft. Bubbles started to appear all around the potato. Vines started to come out from around it and grab onto the potato. They started to squeeze the potato until it broke apart. Tails stopped swimming and bubbles started to form around him. The vines came out and grabbed onto his arms and legs and started to pull. Tails pulled back but it wasn’t helping much. He could feel pain throughout his body. He started to yell and tried to yank himself free one last time. The vines broke and Cosmo’s stomach started to wobble and growl loudly. The liquid all around Tails started to bubble violently and then started to rise. The higher it rose, the faster it got. Tails started to shoot up Cosmo’s throat until he came flying out back into the soup. Following him was Cosmo vomiting the soup she had eaten back in the bowl which overflowed pushing Tails out.

Tails got up and started to run towards the door. Cosmo started to run to the same door which was the way to the toilet. Tails ran as fast as he could but Cosmo was a lot faster. A shadow came over Tails as he ran. Tails kept running but looked back and saw Cosmo was right behind him. Because Tails was looking back, he didn’t see the crack in the floor and tripped over it. Tails laid on his back as Cosmo kept walking towards him. She lifted her big bare foot right over Tails and started to put it down. “NO” Tails yelled as Cosmo’s foot came down. Tails closed his eyes and watched his life flash before his eyes. He opened them again and found himself in between Cosmo’s toes. Cosmo stopped walking and bent over just a tiny little bit and started to groan as she clutched her stomach. She closed her toes together around Tails and started running towards the toilet.

Cosmo burst into the toilet and knelt over and started to vomit in the toilet. Her toes were still clutching on to Tails. After a while Cosmo stopped vomiting and stood back up. She stilled kept her toes together holding Tails as she walked back towards her room. She walked into her room and slipped her feet into her shoes. She flexed her toes and Tails got out but was still stuck inside her shoe. He had had enough. He was bound to die soon so he thought he might as well try his luck in coming into contact with Cosmo. He moved his tails to her big toes and started to tickle her with them. Her foot twitched and then came out of the shoe. Two long fingers came in after and grabbed onto Tails.

They pulled him out and lifted him into the air. Tails looked up and saw Cosmo was looking very closely at him. “Tails I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been?” “It’s a long story.” Tails replied but Cosmo didn’t hear him. “Don’t worry Tails; I’ll take good care of you.” She lifted Tails higher and put him on a shelf. She took off her top and skirt and picked up Tails. She walked over to her bed and lied down. She placed Tails between her breasts and fell asleep. Tails couldn’t sleep no matter how comfortable he was. He climbed out from between Cosmo’s breast and walked to the edge of her bed. He looked down and saw a bit of fabric hanging off the edge off the covers. Tails climbed down using it and stood on the floor.

Tails started to walk towards the door when a foot came down in front of him. He looked up and saw Cosmo towering over him. She picked him up and lifted him to her eyes. Tails could see tears building up in her eyes and knew something bad was going to happen. “Don’t you love me enough to trust me to take care of you?” Tails didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t say anything because she couldn’t hear him. Tails just swayed in Cosmo’s fingers and didn’t move. Cosmo brought Tails back to the shelf but when she placed him on it; she put him in a jar with holes in it that was on the shelf. She closed the lid and went back to bed. Tails just watched as she fell asleep with him trapped in a jar.

In the morning, Tails woke up when Cosmo started to knock on the jar. She picked up the jar and carried it to the kitchen. There was a leaf on the table and Tails had a very bad feeling. Cosmo opened the lid and took Tails out and placed him on the leaf. She laid him down on it and tied his arms and legs together with a tiny string. It took her half an hour to work her giant hands around his little arms and legs. After she tied him up she folded the bottom of the leaf over to his neck and then folded the sides of the leaf around him. Cosmo then rolled up the op of the leaf and rolled it under Tails’ head. Cosmo put a little bit of tape around the leaf to hold it together. Tails was tied and wrapped around in a leaf and had no way of escaping. Cosmo lifted the leaf up to her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and poked her tongue out. She started to lick the leaf and Tails’ face. “You taste good Tails.” She said. Cosmo placed the leaf on her tongue and pulled it back into her mouth.

Tails was inside her mouth again and was tied up. He struggled but it did nothing. He felt himself moving forwards back down Cosmo’s throat. The leaf started to slide down Cosmo’s throat and landed in her stomach. There was not much liquid inside but there was probably ankle deep to Tails. The liquid got into the tape and the tape came apart opening up the leaf. Tails rolled out but he was still tied up. He sat up and saw that the juices were burning through the string. He put his hands and legs back in the liquid until the string snapped. He was free but still inside Cosmo

At the back of the stomach, a little hole started to form. The liquid started to fall through while it was pulling Tails. The current was to strong for Tails to overcome so he let it drag him through the hole. As Tails slid down the hole, it felt like he was going through one gigantic slide. After twelve hours had passed, Tails saw a light at the end but he wasn’t so sure where he would end up. He closed his eyes and waited to go through. When he opened them again all he saw was white. But he wasn’t dead. He felt something in front of him that happened to be white. Tails rolled over and saw the hole he had come out of but he knew that it was the hole behind Cosmo. He got up and started to walk along the white thing. He came to another hole but he didn’t know what it was or what it was used for. He never got up to sex education in school. Tails thought that the only way to get out was to wait for an opening soon so he climbed into the hole and waited. The tunnel was long and he needed to stay near the exit so he can jump out when he got the chance. He laid down inside and waited.

After a while the white disappeared and instead there was a green and white stripe in front of him which he knew was Cosmo’s dress. The dress lifted and Tails saw a white bench. He walked to the edge of the hole and looked down and saw water. He was above the toilet. This was his only chance for a while so he started to walk back in the hole to get a running start. He took a few steps forward before he heard a sound. Tails looked carefully down the hole and saw a yellow liquid coming his way. He turned around and bolted for the exit. Tails leaped out and landed on the toilet seat just as the yellow liquid sprayed the toilet bowl. Tails ran to one of Cosmo’s legs and climbed up on top. Tails ran to the front so he can slide off. He dived forwards and slid down Cosmo’s lag and flew off her shoe. He landed on the floor and got up. He ran towards the door when Cosmo spotted him. “Wait Tails.” But Tails didn’t stop. Tails ran underneath the door and ran as fast as he could to a chair that he could hide behind.

When Tails was almost there, the door opened up and Cosmo walked out. She searched the room and spotted Tails and started to walk towards him. Tails hid behind the chair but it didn’t matter now that Cosmo knew where he was. He couldn’t outrun her and he was bound to be found sooner or later. Tails closed his eyes and thought of what he had gone through these past couple of days. When he opened his eyes there was a giant hand that grabbed onto him. It lifted Tails up to Cosmo’s head. Tails waited to be eaten. Cosmo moved Tails towards her lips. Tails shut his eyes as hard as he could. He felt himself being pushed into something soft. He opened his eyes and saw Cosmo’s lips right up against his head. Cosmo lowered Tails from her lips. Tails realized that she had kissed him. “I’m so sorry that I ate you before Tails. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please will you forgive me and let me take care of you?” Tails couldn’t say no or else he would possibly be eaten again so he just nodded. Cosmo smiled and lifted him up to her lips again and pressed his head against her lips.
Tails shrinks again but with sexy scenes
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